Brita Horn

Stressed Business Woman

Business Auditing

Do you have that feeling? You know, that horrible, sinking feeling that some or all of your business execution is on fire? It feels like flames are chewing at your business plan and destroying it bit by bit every second. Maybe you feel like nothing you do is working, and all the hard work that got you here is all burning up.

Okay, Breathe. Just breathe!

In one call with Brita, you can share that you need help, formulate a plan, and start to execute powerfully.


Firefighters know that it takes a team to cool off a big fire and an assessment of the situation is the first thing that needs to happen.

Brita can work with you to identify what the C.H.A.O.S. in front of you. 




Douse those storms and fires with the help of a strong team and with Brita’s own A.P.O. Method.





Make a plan.

Brita can help you create an in-depth strategic plan specific for your company to succeed NOW! Not next year, Now!

Together, Brita will work with you to develop your outcomes to bring:

  • Better Business Practices
  • Building Better Conflict Management
  • Improve Employee Engagement and Performance
  • Best Practices for Conflict Management
  • Connections with Government


With a foundation of Brita’s own strategic essential tools, you can move your company from CHAOS to clarity.