Brita Horn

Keynote Speaker: Brita Horn

Brita Horn is an accomplished keynote speaker with expertise in finding success, seeking career goals, and management in multiple sectors. With decades of experience as a successful business leader and a rural fire chief, Brita has honed her ability to inspire and motivate audiences with insights and strategies for achieving personal and professional growth.

Brita’s keynote speeches are focused on providing practical advice and actionable tips to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential. Drawing from her own experiences, Brita’s talks are tailored to meet the needs of each audience and are delivered with energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor.

Brita’s expertise has been sought after by leading businesses, non-profit organizations, political parties and campaigns, and educational institutions nationwide. Whether you are looking to improve leadership skills, advance careers, or take your success to the next level, Brita’s keynote speeches are a must-see.

Conquering Your Chaos with Clarity

Brita has made significant contributions in a wide array fields - from finance to ranch hand, from fire chief to mother, and more. She speaks on a variety of topics including how to find your true sense of meaning and success, and how to navigate a life where you always answer the call - and never, ever give up.

Licensed Financial Educator

Brita possesses the expertise and knowledge to deliver valuable insights on important financial concepts. She has experience working with diverse audiences and can effectively communicate complex financial topics in a way that is easily understandable and engaging.

Drinking from a Fire Hose

Brita's book "Drinking From A Fire House - 5 Essential Tools to Not Get Soaked" is packed full of information and personal stories of navigating a maze of an archaic management style and winning, while seeking fulfillment and success in her own life. Brita is available to speak to message from the book.