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Ugh. After 2020 is over, who wants to think what 2021 is going to bring to our lives?

If nothing else, we “upped” our game on how to get through 2020. We learned a plethora of new ways to interconnect with more social media platforms, communicate via computer screen (Zoom anyone?), grieve in a personal quiet way with God when we were not able to hug family and friends at a funeral. Or, even how to encourage ourselves to get something done. “I will get up from the sofa right after the next episode (of my fave Netflix binge.) I promise!” Murmured to myself last week.

Exercise, wash the dishes, give the dog a much-needed bath, help the children get back on the computer for more impersonal learning, pick up the kids toys and make dinner. Again. Don’t forget to pay the bills, grocery shop, check in with work, finish writing the book or even fill out the unemployment form today. The days of COVID-19 blur into weeks and months. What did I do with my time? Was I productive?

Well, I am all for a “let’s forget 2020” and move forward; eyes focused on 2021. Even if it might be an imperfect year. What better way to embrace 2021 than with a just delivered box with a yearly planner in it? There is nothing like a new planner, filled with opportunity and turning dreams into a reality with a blank page in front of my eyes. Just like the newly bought back-to-school journals and freshly sharpened pencils on the first day sitting in a new classroom.

I found a few terrific planners at Amazon. (link below) The prices are all over the place, from $25 to $8. I tend to follow the rule my husband Gary taught me from his dad, Raymond. Look at all the ones you like with the features you like and pick the middle priced one. Not the most expensive but not the cheapest one either. Right in the middle. This buying strategy has worked for kitchen appliances, Jeeps, tractors and even extension cords in our almost 30 years of marriage. It should work for a 2021 planner too. Note to self, I need to add that to the planner too, 30 years on September 14. Don’t forget.

I am the person who needs to write down what I am listening to or thinking of; to get it in my thick skull. Then, I can go back to the notes and remember what I learned and need to do. I was looking for a planner with many lines per day, per week and per month. The one I picked has a column for appointments and a “to-do” column for each day. Perfect! I am the type that makes a list, just to check or cross it off. Ta-Da! Done! I finished something! Accomplishment!

Whether it’s 50 squats a day, drink a gallon of water or remember to comb my hair before I turn the Zoom camera on. (Ask my friends and networks, I tend to forget to comb my hair.) If I write it down, I will do it and get my inner child smiling that I finished a task. Do we still get an allowance?

The flowery planner for $13 was the choice. Bright, cheerful, and full of possibility. Yearly overview of 2021 and 2022 Dates, Holiday Date List, Contacts (I will cross out and rename Notes), Monthly Calendar and Weekly Calendar. All with blank lines to write in. No stickers, no gold embossed cover. Plain jane 2021 Planner that I will fill with colored pens, highlighters, and markers I already own. I have a slew of stickers in a box to grab for those special events in 2021. Like a 30-year wedding anniversary and birthday reminders of family and friends.  

Go ahead. Get a planner for 2021. Whichever feels right to you. Put in deadlines for the next project and a dream turning into reality. Add color and stickers to events to remember. Start a countdown to drop the COVID 15 pounds you righteously earned while sitting on the sofa, eating snacks, and drinking cocktails as dinner in 2020.

Remember what you learned, laugh, cry, and forget about 2020 struggles. The days of 2021 are ahead of us to do better. Perfect or imperfect. Love harder and Never Give Up. Get the planner! You got this! and Never Give Up Consulting, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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